Fedora Core on PowerPC systems

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Thu Jan 19 19:16:31 UTC 2006

Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:

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>Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>An interesting article providing a comparison between Fedora and
>>YellowDog on PPC systems
>Nice read. Though it kind of makes me wonder what is going to happen
>to the PowerPC desktop systems as Mac is going to pretty much ditch
>them. Looks good and I hope Fedora could get the same degree of
>attention to details as described for YellowDog. Not only for Macs for
>for other machines too (though Macs are more consistent in their
>function keys mapping)
Starting file bug reports and enhancement reports. There are quite a few 
developers in Red Hat and Fedora involved in PPC systems. Organizations 
like IBM and Freescale will probably continue producing PPC systems and 
there is a significant amount of legacy Apple mac systems that need a 
future. Fedora could provide that.


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