Introducing Fedora Ambassadors Program

Kevin Verma kevinverma at
Sun Jan 22 14:13:11 UTC 2006

Dear Dr. Bentiba,

It feels great to acknowledge your efforts to have established first
Linux community not just at Sharjah but also at entire UAE. I still
remember my visit to your LUG foundation and work place "Etisalat
College of Engineering" during August, 2004. It was really nice to
have found the most organized LUG room with plenty of workstations
providing an ample opportunity to more practical orientations.

First of all on behalf of Fedora Project I will like to welcome you to
please have your LUG listed on


At Fedora Project, we welcome you to please review Fedora Project and
the Fedora Project Ambassador program in more details on the following

While Fedora Ambassadors are expected to fulfil their aims in their
territory, Fedora foundation supports the Ambassadors by shipping Free
CDs and T-Shirts.

With the help of Ambassadors in all the regions, having enough
developers, testers and users helps define Fedora better and better
Operating Systems, also your region achieve its localized

Please let me know how you review above all, and if you'll be
interested or if you can pass us some references of potential
Ambassadors at Sharjah.

Yours Sincerely,
Kevin Verma
Ambassador Fedora Project, INDIA

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