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Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Jan 30 10:01:29 UTC 2006

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

>Am Montag, den 30.01.2006, 05:23 +0530 schrieb Rahul Sundaram:
>>A few comments for more information. The switch to a prolonged 
>>development cycle for Fedora Core 5 was specific to this release 
>While we are at the topic already: This fact was badly communicated.
>There seems to be a whole lot of confusion about the current Fedora
>release cycle in the community -- for example the german
>wikipedia-writers have a long discussion about it and nowhere can find a
>*official* statement [*1] that the nine month cycle for FC5 was only a
There was no official statement that the release cycle was permanently 
extended either. People just assumed that. Developers have been 
communicating that this release cycle was only for FC5 for quite a while 

>It IMHO would be good if we would have a defined long term release cycle
>just as Gnome has. And IMHO it should be in sync with gnome somehow
>(just as Ubuntu has, too)[*2]. E.g. The plan for Fedora Core could be:
>Always release two weeks after a major gnome release (this would be end
>of March and end of September). Yeah, sometimes it could slip a week or
>two if that is needed, but the plan for the version after that one
>should not slip due to this.
Fedora is not solely focussed on the desktop. Tying it up on the GNOME 
release schedule only makes sense if you are a solely concentrating on 
the desktop. Fedora Core is more of a general purpose operating system 
now. Any proposed change for that needs the buy-in from many of the core 
developers. That really isnt a discussion for marketing.


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