development cycle (Was: Re: What's New in Fedora Core 5 Test2 (LWN): Some comments)

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Tue Jan 31 05:11:58 UTC 2006

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>Jesse Keating <jkeating at> wrote:
>>I'm confused.  Wasn't our original and still official release
>>schedule every 6-9 months?
>>Where is the confusion coming from?
>It was a combination of things.
>One was the confusing, albeit understandable (for legal reasons),
>messages from Red Hat that led to a _lot_ of speculation.  There were
>about 10x as many people and projects just bitching and moaning why
>they couldn't [ab]use the Red Hat(R) trademark anymore.
>Two, and more relevant, were pages like the "Which Linux is Right For
>Me?" and similar that listed only a 4-6 month development time for
>Fedora Core.  It also had all sorts of other comments that would
>really suggest a lot of things that the nay-sayers just ate up.
>It was very difficult to deal with that when it was right there on
>Red Hat's site.
Which ones were wrong specifically?


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