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Tue Jan 31 05:57:25 UTC 2006

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> Fedora is not solely focussed on the desktop. Tying it up on
>>> the GNOME release schedule only makes sense if you are a solely
>>> concentrating on the desktop. Fedora Core is more of a general
>>> purpose operating system now. Any proposed change for that
>>> needs the buy-in from many of the core developers. That really
>>> isnt a discussion for marketing.
>> It should then be possible to update GNOME if a new release comes
>> during Fedora's lifespan (and while the previous release is not
>> moved to Legacy yet), just as KDE has been updated from 3.4 to
>> 3.5
> Thats what is already happening. Look at the planned inclusion of
> GNOME 2.14 in FC5
Yes, but will there be GNOME 2.14 packages for FC4 while it still is
"current" and not moved to Legacy, like what was done with KDE? I
mean, the common reason given to NOT provide GNOME update packages
usually is the ammount of system files or interactions that GNOME has,
I wonder if KDE does not have such issues, wouldn't it then be a
problem with GNOME's design, then?

I totally LOVE GNOME and use it over KDE, but certainly I can't
understand Red Hat and Fedora stand on it. I mean, RHEL 4 users will
not be able to use a newer GNOME other than 2.6 (or was it 2.8?) until
RHEL 5 with GNOME 2.1x.

I don't mean to rant over this, is just that I don't seem to fully
understand why it is not made that way... Has KDE already moved into
Extras? Because in that should free up some hands to improve on GNOME
(or am I getting this totally wrong?).

Sorry if my comments don't make any sense to anyone but me.
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