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Tue Jan 31 06:16:19 UTC 2006

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> Hi
>> Yes, but will there be GNOME 2.14 packages for FC4 while it still
>> is "current" and not moved to Legacy, like what was done with
>> KDE?
> Unlikely.

This is exactly what I don't understand, would the same apply should
Fedora be based on QT and KDE for those packages too, then?

>> I mean, the common reason given to NOT provide GNOME update
>> packages usually is the ammount of system files or interactions
>> that GNOME has, I wonder if KDE does not have such issues,
>> wouldn't it then be a problem with GNOME's design, then?
> Thats a question for the development lists.

I guess I'll post this on the desktop mailing list rather than the
main devel list, as it is a direct desktop issue more than a
distro-wide issue (well... mostly).

> It would be better to ask in the development lists or the
> maintainer.
>> Has KDE already moved into Extras?
> No it has not. Such plans are very much undecided.

Ahh, I read about this discussion som weeks ago, and I was kind of
surprised, actually.

>> Because in that should free up some hands to improve on GNOME (or
>> am I getting this totally wrong?).
>> Sorry if my comments don't make any sense to anyone but me.
> From the development as well as user perspective, what applies to
> package X does not always apply to package Y.

I understand that's not always the case, is just that the recent move
to KDE 3.5 and no next GNOME packages got me thinking. That's all.

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