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Marketing call to action.

Hi All,

Sorry I am cross posting this between the marketing list and ambassadors
list. Please reply on the marketing list if you would.

I am of the opinion that the marketing project has been allowed to die
and be carelessly replaced by the Ambassadors project that was born from
the marketing project. 

I see that we can do things several ways. We can continue on ignoring
the Fedora community posting requests for input to the private
ambassadors list that a small number will ever see or we can be sure to
become active in the marketing list involving the community as a whole
in how Fedora is marketed. 

Why have the private list?

The privacy of the Ambassadors list has a purpose and should be
maintained in my opinion. One of the things it was designed to do is
help protect the limited advertising resources of the Foundation by
preventing the pilfering of media and other goodies like t-shirts.
However much of the "noise" on this list in the past could have been
better with community input from the marketing list.

What can the marketing list bring that the ambassadors can not?

The marketing list can bring greater visibility from the community by
being a public sounding board for ideas. Many of these ideas can be
hashed out in public, refined in private and still have the "splash"
that may be desired. I would urge all ambassadors to be part of the
greater marketing list and also to avoid cross posting of information
between the lists unless it is absolutely needed. 

Fedora is a community driven project, in fact community may very well be
the most important part of Fedora. If the Ambassadors are to take over
all the marketing in private we are in my opinion destined for failure.
We will have removed the community from the drivers seat and made it a
second class passenger. 

Robert 'Bob' Jensen <marketing-list fedoralinks org>
Fedora Marketing Projects

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