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Re: Fedora Core 5 Test 3 Review

Uttered Gain Paolo Mureddu <gmureddu prodigy net mx>, spake thus:

> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> > Low on details with the ever lasting MP3 gripe.
> When will people understand that as long as mp3 is encumbered with
> patents and licensing issues, it will never be supported as adefault
> format (ever again)?

Exactly what MP3 education are we *actively* conducting?  

Install a multimedia player, point it to an .mp3 file and get a
simple razz-berry that "we don't support mp3; you're screwed"

If the licensing hassle is Fedora distributing the decoder, say so
and then point folks where to get the stuff directly.  When RH 8
dropped the support, at least there was an education page:


to help out.  Simply telling newbies who want to try Fedora that
their 500 GB of mp3 songs can't be played loses their attention
rather quickly.  It's all very well to not ship mp3 decoders, but
since other distro's do, we can't just take the high road and babble
on about OGG, et. al. without explaining the migration path.

*Is* there a migration path from MP3 to OGG?

End users want to use Fedora to solve their problems: let's help them
scratch their itch, not wave poison ivy about.

I'm already an anomaly, I shall soon be an anachronism, and I have
every intention of dying an abuse!

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