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Re: Fedora's Banner

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Tejas Dinkar wrote:

This is my favorite one so far!!!

unfortunately, this is a bit grainy (the word 'voice' is), so can you

The grainy part was my mistake in converting from true color to indexed, I corrected this along with another visual bug so the image is updated now:
The animation is also twice as slow (see below for more details).

please make a bigger one, and we'll put it on the fp.o wiki.

I have to wave my hand in a Jedi gesture and say: you do not want a bigger one :p This banner is in a standard size, 468x60, we do not want to have banners in unusual sizes, that would be evil - for example people who do not want to be annoyed by banners can block those standard sizes either with some browser extensions (AdBlocker for Firefox) or with a proxy.

The next standard size is 600x120, which is in my opinion somewhat too big and not so much used. Doing the banner at a bigger and non-proportional size would involve re-creating it from scratch. I will do it only if absolutely needed.

Hell, I vote for it to come on the first page!!!


Its pretty good but I wouldnt want to put it in the front page without atleast slowing down the animation speed. Can you help document the procedure of doing it?

Unfortunately, the Gimp does not have (AFAIK) a one click solution, but there are at least two ways:

1. open the GIF in Gimp. see the delay in milliseconds in the name of each layer. adjust as needed - this is no good in an animation like this with a lot of frames.

2. use the XCF source: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro/banners/fedora_banner_composite.xcf open it with Gimp and save as GIF. select to save layers as animation and specify the delay you want. the resulting GIF is very big, so open it again in Gimp and use Filters->Animation->Optimize and save the result again as GIF.

The second method is a little awkward: normally you would first optimize and then save as GIF, but this will impose a delay of 100 ms, so you have to save as GIF to set the desired delay first (probably I should complain to Gimp developers about this).

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