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Re: Fedora Core 5 Test 3 Review

Tommy Reynolds wrote:
Uttered Patrick Barnes <nman64 n-man com>, spake thus:

We are not going to point directly to anything that can't be included in the distribution. Even in cases where it is legal, that is contrary to our stated goals, and creates complications we don't need. This is why all of our resources only point vaguely to third-party sites that provide such information.

Do you have a URL for the dreaded mp3 license that is the root of all
this evil?

Here: http://www.mp3licensing.com/royalty/software.html (Thomson/Fraunhofer is the patent holder).

Note: Fluendo people have payed for the license and they freely distribute a decoder: https://shop.fluendo.com/. The Fluendo plugin can't be included in the distro, but you as an end user can legally download and install it, no matter in which part of the word you live (as opposed to the well known Lame, which may be not legal everywhere).

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