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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] Live : promotional material

Hai there,

Ive built a livecd, a second one.
Its been more that 8 hours Im sending it via yousendit.com
I think I should find another way to upload :(
There are 2 users, root and fedora. But in the root's desktop there is
a folder named "fedora".

I was thinking about adding promotional materials in that folder so
that Ambassadors might be using during their Fedora promotion
Do tell me what is your favourite promotional materials.
Of course NOT everything could be added but at least the prime/standard one.

For now, Ive included a presentation made by gregdek, 2 videos of
DavidNelly, 2 flyers(english and french) made by ThomasCanniot and I.
Evince gave me a black background for the english version, but Ill
send the corrected one to ThomasCanniot to upload it.

Have a look at :

the index.html is based upon Abhishek's work.

I haven't yet looked at the banners and videos which are being
discussed on the list. But if you feel there is something lacking
about my contents, feel free to propose your version :)

Remember these contents might be useful to you as Fedora Ambassador,
don't be shy, I don't read minds :)

more info http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Kadischi/UserContribution

Chitlesh GOORAH

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