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Re: FC5 press release

On 3/14/06, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:
> If you see any GLARING errors or omissions, please reply within the next
> 24 hours.  Tomorrow, we'll freeze this version as the content master.

Nothing in there about the inclusion of gnome-mount?  I think the
change from using fstab-sync to re-write the fstab to using
gnome-mount to interact with hal directly to control user mountable
volumes is a significant change in behavior for people in the userbase
who use the cmdline. A large enough change to highlight in every
feature summary, everywhere.. to give as much heads up to the userbase
as possible.

The only mention of the extention of HAL functionality is the mention
of LUKS, and while thats note-worthy addition from a desktop
perspective. I am concerned that the change in hal behavior from
fstab-sync calls to gnome-mount interact will prove to be one of the
technology shifts which the established fedora userbase will have the
most problems with after the fc5 release...especially if we don't make
a concerned effort to give cmdline users a heads up. I fully expect
the communications to be flooded with "where did my fstab entries go"
and for people to be confused by the new mounting mechanism.


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