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Being at the MySQL User Conference DotOrg Pavilion

Hi all,

Especially those based in San Francisco...

The MySQL Users Conference 2006 (http://mysqluc.com/) is on from the 24th-27th April 2006. There's going to be a DotOrg Pavilion, just like there is at the LinuxWorld's we've been to before.

The exhibition area is open on the 25th and 26th of April. Keep in mind that *one* full conference pass will be issued to the Fedora booth, so anyone wanting to attend a talk can go ahead and do so

Is there interest from the SF-based Fedora folk? Its a great place to push Fedora, as a bunch of other distributions are going to be there, as well as apps that run on top of Fedora (that use MySQL)

If there's interest, do drop me a line. We need:
* 1 organizer
* at least 2-3 booth babes to be with the organizer

Colin Charles, Community Engineer
MySQL AB, Melbourne, Australia, www.mysql.com
Office: 4528 sip mysql com / +46 18 174 400 ext. 4528
Mobile: +614 12 593 292 / Skype: colincharles

Using MySQL for a FLOSS application?

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