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Linux.com - First look: Fedora Core 5


This "review" is a questionnable because the author did not mention
what test version of Fedora Core 5 is used and there are blabant mistakes such as:

"For those who prefer, FC5 also offers the KDE 3.5 and XFce 4 window managers. Both are branded and tweaked to resemble GNOME as much as possible."
He failed to mention that KDE 3.5 is available on Core and XFCE4 on Extras.

"FC5 includes recent versions of standard software, including Firefox 1.5 and the GIMP 2.2.10. Instead of Sun Java, it installs the GCC 4.1 and tools built with it, such as Eclipse. This decision allows FC5 to use only free software, but often at the cost of slower performance. In OpenOffice.org, for instance, Java-based features such as the basic document wizards open so slowly that you may conclude that the program has frozen before anything happens."
Fedora Core never includes proprietairy applications. 

"FC5 is selective about the GNOME applications it includes. Although the usual panel applications and utilities are installed by default, along with accessibility programs such as Gnopernicus, many standard GNOME applications are not, including the AbiWord word processor and Gnumeric spreadsheet. Even some programs new to GNOME 2.14 are excluded, such as Pessulus, Sabayon, and the AlaCarte Menu Editor. In fact, Pessulus, for one, is not even in the package repositories."
Abiword duplicated OO.o functionally which is why it is available on Extras repository. Sabayon was already
available on FC4 before Gnome 2.13. AlaCarte Menu Editor was formely known as SMEG. Pessulus duplicated functionnality from GConf (correct me on that one) and it is a matter for someone to bring it on Extras.

There are more but comments already addressed them.

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