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Re: Fedora LiveCD build#002

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:

On 3/16/06, J. Hartline <jasperhartline adelphia net> wrote:
Fedora Core 5 final is going to be released on the targeted March 20th date.
Why not try to build a FC5 ISO, rather than a FC5 test 3 ISO with buggy
packages that have updates?

I don't have FC5 iso yet.
This iso I have built on sunday.
but due to certain difficulties encountered with the upload , Filip
managed to make it possible for me to upload the iso last night.
Well, not many people would have the FC5 final yet.
That is besides the point of the question.

The point of the question is why are you building and trying to distribute "90GB" of buggy software packages that have updates from a development tree, rather than build something that is deemed stable/fixed. Do you know how many of those packages have had high priority security updates?
Fedora Core 5 is right around the corner.

J. Hartline

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