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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Fedora LiveCD build#002

Filip Tsachev wrote:

On 16/03/06, J. Hartline <jasperhartline adelphia net> wrote:
The point of the question is why are you building and trying to
distribute "90GB"
of buggy software packages that have updates from a development tree,
rather than build something that is
deemed stable/fixed. Do you know how many of those packages have had
high priority security updates?
Fedora Core 5 is right around the corner.
I think it's clear that it's a test release, I also think we all use
this test release for ourselves? 20th or March will not be the end of
updates...to the distibution, I see it as pretty much the same if
you're distributing Fedora 5test3 installation/live media, no?
No. Test releases are for testers, hence "test 1,2,3".
You can't update LiveCD media.

Plus, test 3 was released a looooong time ago.
Fedora Core 5 should be here in about 4 days, give or take a day depending on your timezone.

J. Hartline

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