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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Fedora LiveCD build#002

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

Hell, in my ideal world Chitlesh would be able to automate nightly
timestamped livecd iso which incorporated daily changes, so I could
track specific issues on a daily basis. More testable releases not
fewer.... release early release often.


My primary argument wasn't about how many, it was about age.
Test 3 packages from the 4.92 tree are already: 16-Feb-2006 14:55 exactly
1 month old. I am positive this is unclear in my messages.

I think what is ideal is not using month old release packages from a test release
when Fedora Core 5 final targeted release date is in 4 days.
Did anyone consider building these daily CDs yet?
Has anyone actually considered people filing bugs that are already fixed?

I wouldn't imagine so, not that I have heard of.
Why not do as you are suggesting and build?
(From todays packages, not yesterdays, yesterday being a month.)

J. Hartline

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