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Re: An idea re ambassadors

On 3/17/06, Hugo Cisneiros <hugo devin com br> wrote:
> It's to put on universities "notes" in the wall (i don't know how to say
> this in english), for anyone interested. And provide ways to students
> and people to know more about Fedora that maybe they don't know that
> exists ;)

If the goal is to construct..passive.. advertisement campaigns... i
think you should think about working backwards from comprehensive
reference material... towards centralized streamlined informational
material... to interactive evaluation material..and then finally worry
about the paper flyers last.

Flyers aren't particularly useful by themselves. Flyers are a "hook"
which create brand identity and instruct people how to retrieve more
information. Unless you have the more informative information ready to
roll, the man-on-the-street pamplets aren't worth the paper they are
printed on. This makes much much more sense to worry about once there
is a livecd/virtual image people can consume and play with.

I caution you to making a scattered large group of  individuals the
focal point for information retrieval. I believe it would be best to
work towards making sure local lugs are up to speed on fedora and let
lugs build larger bridges to the non-linux users regardless of
distribution as a central repository of linux knowledge in the area.

<sample flyer>
Interested in learning about Fedora Linux?
Are you a HOT chick?
Then contact campus_geek yourcampus edu for personal lessons on using Fedora
</sample flyer>

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