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Re: FC5: beats& Press Release (draft impress doc)

> Don't worry the objective of going there, is mostly to
>  * learn new things and
>  * see how they organise the install party.
>  * meet other people in the linux world.

Ok, I was at that Mandriva Day as they call it.

in brief:
I went with my girlfriend and we were late :)
we came just in time for the multimedia conference and the audience
consisted of 11 persons. Most of them are newbies to linux. (75%)

The conferences were for beginner level.

The guys responsible for the event are no more than 23 years old.
They were lecturers of a Computer Science Institute which is
affiliated to Mandriva.
see  http://www.supinfo.com/en/Default.aspx

Ive chatted with them about Fedora and Kadischi (of course) during the break.
One of the lecturers was mostly interested with Kadischi since he is
actually giving practical classes on how to build Mandriva Live cds.
He explained me about the scripts they were working on and I showed
him Kadischi's code.
But when I asked him whether I can have a look at THEIR code, he
bubbled "No No nooo" and ran away.

I told myself "What a lamer"!

The install party:

6 guys (Im not among) were ready to get the machines experience their
first ever linux distro

The install party was really a disaster. Mandriva 2006 was not stable at all.
 - 5/6 machines had xorg issues
 - urpmi is not installed on a fresh install, hence a complete newbie
can't update
 - no assistance by the 'lecturers' for drivers installation and questions

It was really a big disaster and shame for Mandriva when one of the
lecturers answered the question " In windows we have openoffice 2.*,
can I have it in Linux? "

Answer: For the moment there is only openoffice 2.* for Windows
platform, but Mandriva will be the first to have it.

Can you imagine this ?!!
( I was shocked by this reply )
For this, my girlfriend has intervened and showed that in
openoffice.org it is possible to download OOo 2.*

I spent most of my time troubleshooting those machines, and installing
cool applications (yakuake, ksmoothdock, katapult, 3ddesktop,....)
just to promote linux's image.

Cheers, (waiting for FC5)
Chitlesh Goorah

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