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Re: FC5: beats& Press Release (draft impress doc)

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

Stephen Krenzel <sgk284 gmail com> wrote:
It helps us better understand how other distributions are going
about promoting themselves and how effective it is for them.
By learning from other's mistakes, our own successes should
become more frequent.

I have to agree.  We don't live in a vacuum, and I regularly run into
over-marketing of other distros and, often in tandem,
mis-understandings of what Fedora is.

So many people who have _never_ used Fedora Core call it "unstable." It is based on 100% assumptions of what Fedora Core is, and 0% actual
usage.  Or in the best case, they had an issue with the installer and
left it at that.
Yes, but as a an ambassador marketing Fedora Core isn't about coaxing one to believe something other than what they already do, but to prove what they believe
whether it be unstability or what-not to not actually be _fact_.

Anyhow. I just got back from a doctors office and he has never heard of Fedora Core or Redhat, but I briefly explained it to him and he seemed to acknowledge the _facts_.

Bye now, have a great day!

J. Hartline

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