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Re: FC5: beats& Press Release (draft impress doc)

Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> If we learn from the failures, then yes it does apply. In general,
> as long as we don't turn this into a pissing contest and indulge is

> unproductive distro wars, we are all good.

Agreed.  That's what a lot of other people do.

Everytime all I do is focus on what Fedora Core does and does not do.
 I do _not_ try to contrast and compare to other distributions.  I
let the distribution stand for itself.

That's the only way to deal with the nay-sayers.  Especially the ones
that have never touched Fedora Core themselves, or haven't gotten
past the installer before saying, "ewww, too Red Hat-like."

Ironic because some of the worst nay-sayers are former Red Hat users
and knew nothing else.  Most of them are sour because when the freely
redistributable version of Linux with the "Red Hat(R)" was gone, they
couldn't justify it with their boss anymore.  The key is to showing
how much Fedora Core has improved since the end of the Red Hat Linux

And that's actually pretty easy to do.  And for those that don't want
to listen, they just get enfuriated, and you ignore them.  You just
stick to focusing on Fedora Core.

Bryan J. Smith   Professional, Technical Annoyance
b j smith ieee org    http://thebs413.blogspot.com
I'm a Democrat.  No wait, I'm a Republican.  Hmm,
it seems I'm just whatever someone disagrees with.

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