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Re: a new look to Red Hat's Fedora pages

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 09:52 +0000, Jon Fautley wrote:
> Max Spevack wrote:
> > I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and reactions.  Let me know what 
> > you think, and whether or not you thing the new www.redhat.com/fedora 
> > does a good job of providing a window into the heart of the Fedora Project.
> One question - wasn't one of the main goals of the Fedora Foundation to 
> differentiate between "Red Hat" and "Fedora" as two seperate entities?
> "redhat.com/fedora" - this is even more 'Red Hat' than 
> 'fedora.redhat.com'. Is Fedora a part of Red Hat now?

I don't agree; this is no more "claiming" Fedora than any
"example.com/fedora" link.  Keep in mind this page has always been
there, and it's a way to drive people looking for Fedora support at Red
Hat to head for the community sites instead.  There is no escaping that
people *associate* Fedora with Red Hat, nor is that particularly a bad

> P.S I know Fedora and Red Hat are different, but this isn't how it looks 
> to an 'external' person (I'm writing this email because I've just had an 
> IM from a friend reading "So are Red Hat taking back Fedora then?")

This snippet might be more meaningful if you could ascertain how he
arrived at this conclusion.

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