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Re: Note for a Fedora Project marketing person

Dear Chris,

I am copying Fedora Marketing and Fedora Ambassadors on my response,
so they can all chime in.

Fedora is not a company, and not a commercial distribution. We are a
community project, in part sponsored by Red Hat. We are not affiliated
with Novell.

I do not think we will have the money to pay for the participation in
the event your friend is organizing, but we certainly will be glad to
help out with content anyway.

If you can think of any form of cooperation that will benefit both
parties, please get in touch with me again.

Thank you,
Alex Maier

On 3/23/06, Chris Preimesberger <cpreimesberger comcast net> wrote:
>  > I am a reporter at eWEEK.com, but I am using a personal affiliation with a
> friend on the following project.
> A colleague of mine, Tom Donoghue, runs a couple of decent sites,
> DevTownStation.com and OpenEnterpriseTrends.com.  He is starting to get into
> online "events" to help his business grow.  He did his first interactive
> online event recently
> Tom asked me to help him with a new online event, to be called "Open
> Enterprise Trends Desktop Demo Summit" or something more sexy than that-- we
> don't know yet. This would give companies a chance to showcase their desktop
> software (Fedora 5?) in a coordinated, organized event (perhaps 4 to 5 hours
> in length) in which users log in for free and hear a panel discussion,
> company pitches, and see actual demos of the products online. Uses also can
> ask questions at appointed times to the companies.
> Naturally, the companies showcasing their work would be sponsoring the
> event, and therein lies where the costs would be for Novell, for example.
> I'm not sure what the participation fee would be; Tom could tell you that.
> But to be involved in a neutral-host, highly publicized (we hope!) event
> like that -- might Novell be interested?
> Let me know.  If so, I can have Tom call you and give more info.
> /cp
> Chris J. Preimesberger
> IT Editor/Writer
> Redwood City, Calif.
> (650) 780-9200 office

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