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Fedora Presentation Video

Hello everybody !

When i last saw Puneet's work in flash it gave me some ideas... first
that i really think we need a advertisement video to play on loop on
booth for example! People really like videos.

I'm introducing here what i've done tonight, the beginning of a video
introducing Fedora Core. It is still in development, i have many ideas
about a lot of things.

Here it is : http://www.mrtomlinux.org/fedora-movie.avi (2Mo)

To play it, even if it no kind of divx video, i was not able to play it
with totem, but xine, without any properietary codec read it very well.

I would like to have feedbacks, as many as possible, about speed, visual
effects and the more important, content. For the moment i am adding the
headlines the the http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Overview page, i don't
think i will include them all.

The file format has not been decided yet, i don't think i will keep this
raw avi file format. 

Well, tell me what you think!


Thomas canniot

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