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Re: Rethinking the Freemedia problem


I think this a great idea, and a perfect project for some folks who are interested in contributing engineering talent to Fedora in an area that it's sorely needed.


Basically, it goes through and matches volunteers to requests -- at a rate
that precisely matches the volunteer's desire to help.  If someone can
send one DVD / set of CDs a week, that's exactly what we ask them to send.


We show the backlog on a webpage, and given the number of requests we
have, we estimate a delivery time for every single CD/DVD request we have
in the queue.

The selection algorithm actually allows us to make some very interesting choices. You want to optimize the throughput based on the number of people available to burn media, but we could also choose whose requests are processed not only based on order in which they were requested, but based on minimizing geographical distance between the requestor and the providor, or frequency of request, etc.

Should someone who's requesting media all of the time should be thottled compared to someone who's never requested anything and is now making an initial request? I think so.

There's tons of room in this design space for clever thinking.

Might also be nice to donate such an application to the community at

For sure.

Max Spevack <mspevack{at}redhat.com>                 gpg key: mspevack.asc
http://people.redhat.com/mspevack/                  fingerprint: 5A17 CF21

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