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New Member introduction

Good evening, all. Greg DeKoenigsberg suggested I join this list and introduce myself. First off, I'm Karlie Robinson. I am the Owner of Webpath Technologies in Rochester, NY, USA. Our current focus is On-Disk.com and the Developers Portal at http://portal.on-disk.com

What makes On-Disk.com different from the countless other FOSS-on-a-disc vendors, is that we want to be a vehicle for independent software and digital media developers. Allowing them to fund their projects when a user orders a CD/DVD with their release. I won't trouble the list with all the details since most of them can be found on our websites. But, please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I'm happy to answer them.
Now to the reason Greg asked me to write...

Background - On-Disk.com will do custom downloads to disc and we get requests for Fedora. So I asked Greg about listing with us via the portal. Due to the vow never to monetize Fedora, listing with us doesn't really work. Since C5 was released, the requests for custom burns warrants adding Fedora to our catalog (which isn't done yet). Today while I was digging in the wiki for fodder for the listing, I came across the FreeMedia project and had an idea. Below is the email I sent to Greg for you to comment upon. (FYI, Todd is my husband/business partner/*nix monkey)

I look forward to talking with you,
Karlie Robinson

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, Karlie Robinson wrote:

I'm finally beginning to write the Fedora listing for On-disk.com. While I was digging around in your wiki for the listing, I came across more on the FreeMedia project. What about using On-Disk.com as a Fedorian Embassy? (yes, I know. Todd's sense of humor sneaking in)

You've got people who want to donate money to Fedora, but you're also saying that you don't have the capacity to keep up with the FreeMedia requests. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FreeMedia

Now on to the raw idea... And keep in mind there is probably more than one way to go about this. The price of the DVD at On-Disk will be at the minimum of $4.99 plus $1.76 Domestic shipping. We can add an option to the disc listings so that people ordering Fedora C5 could add to the price they pay. Say they add $5.75... They would get the disc they paid for, plus now, they've paid for someone else to get a disc via the FreeMedia Project. Another Option would be someone not wanting a disc from us... they could pay for a disc and change the ship-to address to trigger it as an ambassador disc (Fedorian Embassy c/o Fedora Foundation...)

What we would need to figure out is the reporting system so that everyone can be on the same page and that we can get discs out in a timely manner. Will it fit within the guise of a contributor willing to burn the DVD's at their own expense? Just that we'll have a way to get users with money hooked up with the Ambassadors and more discs out via the FreeMedia project.
Your thoughts?

Karlie Robinson
Owner, Webpath Technologies
On the Web at:

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