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Re: A Quick Look at Fedora Core 5

On Sun, 2006-03-26 at 20:02 -0800, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for the email.
> > While you have been positive about the general package management
> > improvements through Pirut and Pup, you have mentioned that Pirut is
> > still buggy. Can you report these bugs in http://bugzilla.redhat.com and
> > list them?
> I stopped filing bug reports for most projects a long time ago, about
> the time I got 20 accounts on different projects that became too many.
> These days, I only file bugs directly to Gnome and mostly to my main
> distribution, Arch Linux. I am just a reviewer, not a user that will
> use FC all the time, so I don't feel the need to take the time and
> file bugs.

Sort of reasonable but short of what I would expect from a technical
user and one who was taken enough time to actually review the release.
Anyway would you atleast list them, so I can see if I can reproduce and
then file bug reports on it myself?

> > On the review, you have mentioned that sound mixing works by default
> > without manual configuration through .asoundrc files. This is a feature
> > that works starting from Fedora Core 4 and not a new one to this
> > release.
> It didn't work for me on FC4.


> > I would appreciate if you can file bug reports on the suspend feature
> > not working on your laptop as well as issue with the touchpad
> > configuration.
> I might actually just file this one, because if Red Hat fixes it, it
> is a good chance that then my main distro will get a fix too, as my
> distro's maintainers are not kernel guys.
> > I was unable to reproduce the GNOME 2.14 issue about preferences that
> > you have mentioned in the review. I didn't see it get discussed anywhere
> > in our lists or forums which I keep a close eye on. So i truly seems
> > weird to me.
> It is a small warning window exactly when opening some gnome prefs.
> That window stays open for less than half a second. Then, it closes
> all by itself. It's a bit unprofessional imho.
> > A menu editor is part of Fedora Core 5 (GNOME 2.12 wasnt included in any
> > Fedora release). You just have to right click the menu bar in the panel
> > and click on edit menus to access this feature.
> Except the fact that there is a huge disoverabilty issue about this
> (two FC5 reviews so far, two reviewers didn't find it), I find this
> menu editor very bare bones. For example, what I wanted to do was to
> make Ekiga's name smaller in the menus, because it was too long. The
> current menu editor doesn't let me do that.

Yeah.Atleast you can use that GNOME bugzilla account of yours now ;-)

> > Also FUSA is disabled in
> > the menus due to some thorny issues with device ownership on consoles.
> > Both of these are highlighted in
> > http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bugs/FC5Common listed in our frontpage.
> I see. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

There has been various discussions about it. Might be a tricky issue.

> > * No iMovie/iDVD-style applications - Not sure which one matches this
> > requirement now to be included in Fedora Core. Maybe Diva, Kino or Pitvi
> > would be good enough at some point in the future.
> Yes, in the very futuristic future. I am waiting for a good Linux
> *home* video editor since 2002. ;)

Of course. If you find anything mature enough to be included in the
distributions, let us know and we will take a good look at it.


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