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Re: New Member introduction

Hello, Jeff.  I'll answer below

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
Do you have the ability and are willing to ship CDs which incorporate
subsets of Fedora Extras snapshotted at specific points in time?
Do you have the ability and are willing  to ship CDs which contain the
software consisting of snapshots of the fcX update trees at specific
points in time?
Yes.  As long as we have the data, we can burn it.  We'll just need to to coordinate what's available at any given time.  

Any chance to trigger the bulk ordering discount of 15% via prepaying
for media which will be distributed in the Freemedia or Ambassadors? 
We can do a discount, but you must keep in mind that were Burn-on-Demand.  The economics of this business mean that we can pass on cost savings when we have time savings. 

The price for our service is based on supplies used processing time.  When we can run 15 discs without needing to change the print/burn settings they don't take as long.  

Our current bulk ordering situation is outlined for the developers at http://portal.on-disk.com/content/view/19/51/

Shipping charges can't be discounted per se.  If you want 15 discs shipped to one address it will be less expensive than 1 disc to 15 individuals.  But you probably won't have any 'savings' if you ship the same discs twice. 
As in can you engineer it so that you collect prepayment orders from a
number of people and lump to prepayments into a bulk order of 15 disks
so those 15 disks get the bulk discount? Since the prepayment is going
to be happening some unspecified time before the disks actually get
printed, would n't it be possible to roll seperate prepayments into a
single 'bulk' set?
I'm sure as we explore the process we'll come up with something that will work out for everyone. 

We already account for the money developers are earning with their discs.  It shouldn't be a problem to keep track as long as it's not more complicated than it needs to be :-)

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