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30 minutes presentation

Hai there,

These days, Im kinda busy, It might happen I wont be present for
tomorrow's meeting.

Tomorrow, I have a 30 minutes presentation to first year undergraduate
kids at my university.
Just to let you know :)
My impress presentation is uploaded there :)

The theme (For me) will be LIVE CDs, the overall topic is "opensource and you"

I built a livecd, added gcc and man pages as my lecturer wished.
There will be 12 copies of this livecd available which will be
launched on our lab's computers. Eventually if someone wants to have a
copy, will have one too.

The presentations will be held in a computer lab which can accommodate
about 25-30 humans.

Afterwards, there might be a chance the afterwards my uni will give my
access to host my livecds :)
but that's only words for the moment, we'll see afterwards.

for the package list, the wiki doesn't seem to like the list b'coz it
threw python exception over me. Ill see afterwards to add it again.

tchung you may move the wiki page
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ChitleshGoorah/LicenseESA to the
to a proper place but do leave a forward at ChitleshGoorah/LicenseESA please.

Ive added it this little event to FedoraEvents;

Chitlesh GOORAH

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