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LAN Welche

Hai there :)

Well, Im invited to give a speech on free software/opensource to about
60 18-years old kids on 22-23 april 2006


Of course, a village nearby Strasbourg, France
Place: Salle des loisirs de Lapoutroie (next to the church)

This event is about video games on lan, CounterStrike 1.6 (5 vs 5) and
Warcraft 3 (1 vs 1)

Each participant needs to subscribe for a 7 € ticket which includes.
- a sandwich, a drink for one euro
- unlimited coffee, just to keep the rhythme
- Free Parking
- and much more.

This event is organised by my friends, who happen to be those to whom
I've introduced Fedora :)
This explains my invitation :)

So about my speech :)
My speech will be mostly on opensource software equivalent to
propriety softs. Sure, of course more than once the word "fedora" will
come out of my mouth.

Afterwards those little geeks will eventually have time to ask me
questions or share their doubts.

Chitlesh GOORAH

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