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Re: 30 minutes presentation


My presentation was due to start at 0930 yesterday, but it happened
that the last conference ended at 0950.

but it also happened that one of my friend couldn't make it. His
conference was on "C Language and text editors".

Ive volunteered to replace him, and Ive merged his conference into
mine. The overall duration was 1h45min

I did my Kadischi/LiveCD presentation as expected.
Some knew what a livecd is and other didn't which brought in a variety
of questions. But most of the questions was related to The Fedora
Project itself, might be because i used the Bob's impress template. :)

Ive ended my Kadischi/Livecd presentation with giving links about
different Fedora Projects with respect to the questions asked.

I've allowed 5-10 minutes pause
Afterwards, Ive started with the theme "C language and Text editors",
it was fair easy to explain different text editor and IDEs available
in Fedora Core and Fedora Extras, as least those Ive installed.
Luckily I found nedit in Extras before that presentation.

Being myself a fan of KDevelop, I've "nudified" KDevelop and Kwrite as
far as I can, anjuta in FC5 Extras was broken, its installation went
fine but It doesn't allow the creation of any blank page at all. Ill
file this afterwards to bugzilla.

kate, kedit , vi , gedit , emacs and nedit were also among the actors.
Nervertheless, this presentation ended with fews questions but I felt
many will go home to install KDevelop. :)

In the end, I was requested to organise an install party this
saturday, 01, April 2006.
Up to now, those who are subscribed for tomorrow's install party are:
8 for Fedora Core 5
1 for Debian - Sarge
3 need assistance for Mandriva 2006

So about this install party:
- will be held at my place, at 1600 to midnight
- will have assistance of one of my friend (fedora user), Michael
- Ill provide free FC5 DVD to each one who wants to install FC5

Since a while Im giving off free dvds to my surroundings ( hand to
hand ), should I add my name to FreeMedia though I can't afford to
post DVDs across neighbouring towns/cities?

Chitlesh Goorah

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