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Re: LAN Welche

If your starting goal is to introduce them to OpenSource, you may have to break the sales process up into baby steps. Find someplace between where they are now and where you'd like them to be (Fedora). Think about getting a foot in the door and then being invited back. Every successive visit brings you closer to the desired outcome. I'd disagree when you say that they may have a 'don't touch' attitude about FOSS. After all, they're interested enough to bring you out - Yes? Your audience in this case is ripe for things that are free. Not only are they more open to the ideals of FOSS, but more importantly 18 year olds aren't known for their financial stability. My best advice for the group would be to get them with what they're looking for - GAMES. Live discs are also good - PCLinuxOS has a new DVD SuperGamer out. Wolvix has Games Edition (CD). There's also Knoppix Games (DVD). Get them hooked on FOSS and Linux... then talk with them about Fedora. It's perfectly acceptable to say you don't use those distros and answer their questions with Fedora.
Is that helpful, or should I prepare for a stoning?

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:

This event is to play games on lan and on windows !!
I was invited to introduced them opensource softwares

Going there, to talk about their favorite games are not compatible
with linux, will eventually make them lose interest in my
Or even can't play mp3, avi,  ...

My public will be 18 years guys/gals.
Surely, they will have a 'don't touch' image in their heads about open
source softwares.

Ill stress mostly on things that will catch their attention such :
- Xgl , aiglx doesn't work on my nvidia based laptop till now
- its transparency capabilities
- 3ddesktop
- amarok
- lots of kde-apps eye candies as well,
( i havent yet chosen what to present)


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