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Re: Turning off Paid Adverts for Sponsored Media

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

I still think you are underestimating costs. Red Hat already spends a
lot of amount shipping media to various places through the ambassadors

Well, none of that has reached NZ ;)


If we continue doing this we would run out of money very soon and we
couldnt possibly justify that as a good expenditure next time around.
Look at this way. Roughly 1.5 million dollars for bandwidth alone for a
single year. Add to that engineering, infrastructure and marketing costs
for a zero direct revenue project.

I didn't suggest RH foot the entire bill... Its escapes me how RH can be FC/FE sponsor and not assist in funding _some_ of the free media requests.

In US, its relatively easy to buy media or download the ISO images
compared to various places where its much more harder to do either.
Granted, all these would be nice but the priorities are going to be
spending the funds on engineering rather than this.

NZ being one of those places where bandwidth costs (3.5Mb and 10Gb cap @ $60 NSD per month)


Distributing the costs would make it much more effective. Local event
sponsors, free media, sponsored media and maybe even regional Red Hat
offices are better way to channel resources.

That's my point, which you seem to have missed...

My suggestion was (or question actually) is why doesn't RH help sponsor free media? It's not a suggestion of footing the entire bill.

You can't honestly think 3rd party companies will back free media if RH (fedora's parent) does not?


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