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Re: Turning off Paid Adverts for Sponsored Media

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
RH *already* foots the bill. DVD distribution makes up for a large
amount of the current event related expenditures in the above budget.
The logic that you spend so much on this already that you should be
spending more on related things even though it is known to be
ineffective and unjustifiable isnt going to go a long way.

Is the DVD distribution feeding the free media project?

In US, its relatively easy to buy media or download the ISO images
compared to various places where its much more harder to do either.
Granted, all these would be nice but the priorities are going to be
spending the funds on engineering rather than this.
NZ being one of those places where bandwidth costs (3.5Mb and 10Gb cap @ $60 NSD per month)

How about buying media? Are there magazines that distribute CD/DVD's?

New Zealand has 2 PC magazine's of its own. NetGuide and PC World. Both only supply CD's to its readers, not DVDs and they load them with all those really neat "make Windows run faster while deleting spyware" type apps.

We get a handful of US and UK based Linux and PC mags, but for the PC mags, its again, targeting Windows.


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