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Re: Turning off Paid Adverts for Sponsored Media

On Wed, 2006-05-03 at 00:11 -0400, Stephen Krenzel wrote:
> Just a quick thought, feel free to knock it down if you so desire.
> What about a "pass along" kind of setup. Where receivers of free media
> can opt in to pass the media along when they are done installing it.
> For example, I request a free media dvd and when signing up click
> "Yes, I'd like to pass it along". I get added to a queue of free media
> distributors. When my time comes up in the queue, I get a little e-
> mail saying "such and such has requested free media, please pass it
> along to Address here, etc...". After I confirm that I've passed it a
> long, I can be removed from the queue. With a little logic to try and
> keep the sending of media fairly local I think this could work out
> pretty well. Any thoughts? The full logistics behind it would still
> need to be worked out, but I think I outlined the premise good enough.
> The main thing I think this would help with is keeping costs for
> everyone low, and keeping a constant stream of free media distributors
> flowing. It'd also allow people to feel more involved with the
> community, as they've now become a link in a chain of possibly many
> people who will receive the media and who have already received it. My
> main concern would be quality control, but that is nothing that can't
> be overcome :) 
> -Steve

Thats a good idea.  We will have to look at it when we have a good
tracker in place. The infrastructure team is looking at OTRS



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