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Re: Logo guidelines status.

On Thursday 18 May 2006 03:39, Gain Paolo Mureddu <gmureddu prodigy net mx> 
> It's been a couple times now that I have sent a request for the Logo
> just like what the "current" guidelines indicate, and have never got
> back the said e-mail with either further instructions, questions or a
> direct rejection, only silence... And i can't help but wonder, what's
> the status of the Fedora Logo guidelines and terms of use, since the
> Wiki simply is not very informative. Any news about it? I'd really like
> to use vector versions of the images instead of plainly copying the
> pixmaps off the site, but apparently that ain't going to happen (not to
> me, at least). In any case, I'm hoping to be able to work on some DVD
> case covers and a manual I am working on (which I would like it to
> feature the logo)... Is there a place where I could obtain a copy of the
> logo (just the bubble+f+infinite) in SVG format?

The guidelines are still under construction.  If you haven't gotten 
authorization, it could be that your request has yet to be reviewed, or that 
you have presented a usage case for which a decision has not yet been made.

In order to begin developing your graphics, you can access an SVG form of the 
logo that is probably already on your system:


It is part of the fedora-logos package in Fedora Core 5.

Even though you may develop your graphics, you should not publish them 
anywhere until you have proper authorization.

> And another question I had been having was about the whole issue with
> the font, has the font been released as Open and Free yet? I would have
> expected to find it bundled with Core 5, but it did not come, so I
> assume that by the time Core 5 got leaked, the font wasn't yet released...

There are no plans to purchase and release the font as open.  Last I heard, a 
free font to complement the logo was in the works, but the original font will 
not be made free anytime in the foreseeable future.  It is an unfortunate 
truth, but it is one we must live with for now.

The original font name is Bryant 2.  It is available from Process Type 


You're welcome to make an offer to them to purchase rights to release the font 
as open, but you'd better have some deep pockets.  ;-)

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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