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Re: Logo guidelines status.

Patrick W. Barnes escribió:
The guidelines are still under construction. If you haven't gotten authorization, it could be that your request has yet to be reviewed, or that you have presented a usage case for which a decision has not yet been made.

In order to begin developing your graphics, you can access an SVG form of the logo that is probably already on your system:

I've seen it, thank you for pointing it out, though. Found it doing an rpm -ql fedora-logos
It is part of the fedora-logos package in Fedora Core 5.

Even though you may develop your graphics, you should not publish them anywhere until you have proper authorization.
Which is why I'm waiting authorization... It's been a couple times (in the past months) that I've requested the logo for the very same purposes DVD case covers and brochoures and other stuff... I know I won't be doing any harm to the Fedora image, but I still need the green flag to do it... just confuses the heck out of me this situation, as I'm not free to do what I'd like to do to PROMOTE Fedora (maybe it's just me, but that seems paradoxical).
There are no plans to purchase and release the font as open. Last I heard, a free font to complement the logo was in the works, but the original font will not be made free anytime in the foreseeable future. It is an unfortunate truth, but it is one we must live with for now.

The original font name is Bryant 2. It is available from Process Type Foundry.


You're welcome to make an offer to them to purchase rights to release the font as open, but you'd better have some deep pockets. ;-)
And taht's just what I simply don't get... How did the logo using this font got approved in the first place?, of Fedora which advocates use of freely available (freedom, no bounds attached, not free as in beer) tools, software, docs, etc. The idea of the bubble+f+infinity is excellent, but I can't help but wonder why the "fedora" part was approved (which is part of the logo, from what I gather), and not only that, but USED by the project when the font is not free (why was not used a free font instead? It's beyond me)... Anyway, personally I liked the old font better, but that's just me...

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