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Re: Logo guidelines status.

On Thu, 18 May 2006, Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:

It's been a couple times now that I have sent a request for the Logo just like what the "current" guidelines indicate, and have never got back the said e-mail with either further instructions, questions or a direct rejection, only silence... And i can't help but wonder, what's the status of the Fedora Logo guidelines and terms of use, since the Wiki simply is not very informative. Any news about it?

Yes, and I take responsibility for you not having heard things sooner. It's funny how emails work out sometimes, since I'm getting ready to sit down in a meeting with some folks in which we review a draft of all the things you're talking about, finalize a lot of the questions that you are asking, and get a target date for a final draft.

So I ask for a little more patience as we finalize things, and then you can expect a full report and updating of the wiki.


Max Spevack
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