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Re: Logo guidelines status

chasd silveroaks com escribió:
I still wonder why a proprietary font was used for the
logo of a project like Fedora

What font is used in a logo really does not impact the choice of other fonts used in a layout that includes that logo. In fact, it is my opinion that using a font in a layout that is the _same_ as the font used in a logo included in the layout dilutes the impact of the logo. These other fonts certainly could be fonts that are free to use.

In other words, why would you want to use the font from the logo anywhere else in a design ?
Not the font, but the logo itself, the way I see it they are actually two logos: The bubbling f with enclosed within the infinity symbol, and the word "fedora" written with the font (for identity), so you have a text logo and an image logo.

I would think the Fedora Project would want to control what other fonts are used in any layouts or graphics, so a consistent image is presented at all times. Is there any work being done on an identity style guide for the Fedora Project ? If you are not sure what I am talking about, Google "identity guide" and take a look how other organizations document best practices on the use of their logos, and creating documents or layouts to present a consistent visual identity.
My point was that Fedora is not free to distribute the whole logo (text + image) due to the fact that the font is not open or free, which seems a bit strange for a FLOSS project.

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