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Re: Sponsored Media Marketing (& a brief progress report)

Hi people,
on the Media distribution i'd like to remember a "program" started by
the FedoraItalia.org [1] community where a bunch of people, dislocated
all over Italy, give away the installation cd/dvd at the bare cost of
the support + shipping.

we had a list of people declaring:

who     where          available FC release          type
me      Rome (ie)    FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, FC5   cd + dvd

Personally i've sent a dozen discs all over the year, while at the
moment the service is stopped for a number of internal reasons.

Now, i have to re-read the Sponsored Media Marketing thing again but, if
buying a copy of that discs doesn't give directly money to Fedora, then
i think that also other communities could "copy" the italian one's.

Also i'd like to add a thought, it has occurred to me to prepare a bunch
of disks to give away in some African countries (since some of my
friends have done some lesson "in loco"). And while a 3.6GB disc was
welcome i fear that the average amount of data we download at each
update is overkill for them (and even to some particular locations or
countries where the connection to internet is made over pstn lines or at
best some ISDN). Maybe we should also think at implementing "diff"
updates, like SuSE did some time ago ... but that's a topic for another
list (maybe)

nicola .:kOoLiNuS:. losito 
http://koolinus.wordpress.com     http://www.koolinus.net

"If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy." 
Linux Registered User #293182

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