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Re: New logo guidelines and web design elements posted

chasd silveroaks com escribió:
The values reported by my version of Inkscape ( 0.43-3.fc5, PPC )

for PMS 2935
Hex :  0A57A4
RGB : R10, G87, B164
CMYK : C94, M47, Y0, K36

for PMS 541
Hex : 072B61
RGB : R6, G43, B97
CMYK : C93, M56, Y6, K62

I'd be interested if yours were different from these.
Those hex values above are what is in the SVG, but they don't match the usage guide hex values.

I would assume there is a problem with CMYK support in Inkscape,
which might be worth to report to the mailing list.

I mentioned this previously, the SVG spec doesn't support CMYK[1] or PMS, so Inkscape makes some guesses to convert to those color spaces. There is a way to save an SVG as an Inkscape-only SVG that maintains those values, but those values won't get used by another program that opens the file. Similar to the issue where Illustrator is able to get the colors right if it opens the SVG, but Inkscape can't.
Indeed the problem with CMYK in Inkscape seems to be that as the format does not support other color schemes than RGBA. Which ends up in the problems with CMYK and HSL, as the program will dynamicall convert between RGBA and CMYK/HSL as you move the handlers. So the problem is a format problem and not a program problem, per se... Which pretty much ties our hands to proprietary software and formats.

Reading through some file format specifications from the W3C (the png spec[1], for instance) says that the CMYK color space is too device-dependent to be useful as portable image representation... I don't fully understand this. I thought RGBA was the one device-dependant, which had a great deal of variation from device to device... This whole thing confuses the heck out o me, as I'm only an amateur with this stuff (who would have thought that pretty graphics were filled with bureaucracy and XYZ standards?) Anyway, that's the state of things, and if I want to play in this field, I have to abide by these rules...


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