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Re: New logo guidelines and web design elements posted

On Friday 26 May 2006 17:06, Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
> I have to be honest, I'm not impressed with the new header pieces.  They
> don't fit in with the wiki's theme, they are completely irrelevant, and
> they waste a lot of space.  On lower resolutions, a visitor might have to
> scroll most of a page to get to any useful content.

Me neither.

> We need artwork that is consistent, lightweight, and can be worked into the
> current themes.  If we really want context-sensitive artwork, we should try
> to work out a way to include that artwork as part of the wiki header, where
> it could fill some of the already-wasted space instead of wasting even
> more. Another consideration is in our ability to produce matching pieces,
> such as when a new project is formed.  Having to ask a particular person to
> create a new piece using his proprietary software is only going to cause
> problems in the future.

One day before the new logo guidelines came, I created a new compatible logo 
to put in our Wiki, to overwrite the current old one. This new "temporary" 
logo uses the new Fedora logo instead of the generic one currently in Wiki.

They complained that the Logo isn't following the guidelines, but didn't say 
what guideline it wasn't following. Looking at the guidelines I found out 
that I was not following the "Clear Space" rule. Ok, I gave up, IMO there was 
no good way to create a new logo for Wiki and follow this guideline.

Looking today at the proprietary image format about a new Wiki design, I 
realized that the design itself isn't following the "clear space" guideline 
too. Ironic.

So I suggested (and I'm bringing this discussion here) to extend the Logo 
Guidelines to create Sub-Projects Logos, like for Fedora Extras, Fedora 
Documentation, Fedora (Brazil), Fedora (France), and so on. The current 
guidelines does not allow us to do this in a pretty way because of the "clear 
space" rule. What do you think?

> I'm not saying that these pieces don't look nice, they just don't fit.
> Talking with other members of the Fedora Artwork team, I've found that I'm
> not alone in these opinions.  I think that this artwork needs more review
> before it is implemented throughout the wiki.  Also, before we go into too
> much effort for this, is there a reason we need artistic headers that are
> unique for each project?  While some of the project pages lack style, many
> feature fancy tables and a banner formed from the new logo, and I think
> those work nicely.

These WikiElements are pretty but I agree with Patrick, they're too big and 
not suitable (just my opinion).

> Matt did a great job on the new logo, and these new pieces look nice, but
> we should involve the community in reviewing this new artwork and should
> give the Artwork team a chance to do better before we start widely
> publishing this artwork with only a handful of reviews.  It is haphazard to
> immediately publish such pieces without giving the Artwork and Website
> teams a chance to provide feedback.


> --
> Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
> nman64 n-man com


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

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