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Re: fedora-ve logo?

On Saturday 27 May 2006 06:32, "Guillermo Gómez S." 
<guillermo gomez gmail com> wrote:
> Hi, we have a contributor who posted a modified logo with fedora-ve
> text in it.
> Is it valid to do such modifications? I dont want to punish him but
> certainly he has a point on localizing the logo somehow.
> What's the policy in this case? To encourgae him to make it "the
> right" or not to modify it at all ?

Any modifications must follow the guidelines outlined at:


The PDF file listed there details how graphics can be created, including 
specifications for colors, fonts and spacing.

Once you have prepared your modified form, submit it to logo fedoraproject org 
to get usage permission.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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