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Re: New logo guidelines and web design elements posted

From: Hugo Cisneiros <hugo devin com br>

They complained that the Logo isn't following the guidelines, but didn't say what guideline it wasn't following. Looking at the guidelines I found out that I was not following the "Clear Space" rule. Ok, I gave up, IMO there was
no good way to create a new logo for Wiki and follow this guideline.

Identity guidelines can be difficult to follow in some cases, but there is usually a workable solution. It is possible your original layout concept did not take the guidelines into account, and retrofitting the guidelines into that concept was not workable. That doesn't mean that there is _no_ possible solution, likely just no solution from your original starting point. Perhaps a fresh start on a different layout would produce a workable solution.

Looking today at the proprietary image format about a new Wiki design, I realized that the design itself isn't following the "clear space" guideline
too. Ironic.

I did not have time to look at that layout. If this is true that does set a bad president.

So I suggested (and I'm bringing this discussion here) to extend the Logo
Guidelines to create Sub-Projects Logos, like for Fedora Extras, Fedora
Documentation, Fedora (Brazil), Fedora (France), and so on. The current
guidelines does not allow us to do this in a pretty way because of the "clear
space" rule. What do you think?

With identity management, there can be only One True Way. Variation is confusing and dilutes the identity as one other poster already mentioned.

Charles Dostale
System Admin - Silver Oaks Communications
824 17th Street, Moline  IL  61265

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