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Re: fedora-ve logo?

Máirín Duffy escribió:
The lowercase 'a' is completely different ('a' with a 'hat' rather than a 'o|' 'a', and tsome line width variations).

Did Matt make a custom 'a' for the Fedora logotype?

It is a completely different font altogether. The one used in the logotype is the Bryant 2 font, which is not freely available and has to be purchased from http://www.processtypefoundry.com/typefaces/bryant2/index.html

I still have some gripes of using a proprietary font for the logotype (I seem to be alone there) instead of either:

- Making from scratch the typeface, like it was the case for Fedora 1-4.

- Using a freely available font.

As I said, I seem to be the only one with such gripes... Guess I'll have to mange and "live with it™", and is not like I'm a FLOSS zealot, just seemed to go against the "FLOSS only" philosophy of Fedora and the reasons why there are no mp3 or DVD support in the distribution, amongst other non-free programs... So non-free programs = no, non-free typefaces = yes for official use? That's what I have a problem with... But, as I said, I'm [albeit slowly] learning to "live with it™".

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