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Re: New logo guidelines and web design elements posted

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
- For Windows it is not one simple download, run setup, and you're good. You also have to install the GTK+ runtime environment *first*, which just by its name is pretty intimidating for non-technical users. In fact, it might be intimidating enough to be off-putting.

I hate to disagree with you, there are GIMP packages which include GTK and install it before The GIMP as such is installed, much like GAIM packages which include the GTK runtime or not, and you download accordingly.

Can you provide a link?

Two .exe to run is easy enough: http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html

I recently introduced GIMP on Windows to a complete microserf (does not know anything beside Visual Studio and is a newbie in using graphic software) who had no problem installing and learning it (with some lessons from http://gug.sunsite.dk/?page=tutorials), she even managed to produce a decent looking website with GIMP made graphics.

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