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Re: fedora-ve logo?

On Sun, 2006-05-28 at 14:03 -0500, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> I still have some gripes of using a proprietary font for the logotype (I 
> seem to be alone there) instead of either:
> - Making from scratch the typeface, like it was the case for Fedora 1-4.

This was *not* the case for FC1 - FC4.  The logo was created by
customizing an Adobe Myriad font.

> - Using a freely available font.
> As I said, I seem to be the only one with such gripes... Guess I'll have 
> to mange and "live with it™", and is not like I'm a FLOSS zealot, just 
> seemed to go against the "FLOSS only" philosophy of Fedora and the 
> reasons why there are no mp3 or DVD support in the distribution, amongst 
> other non-free programs... So non-free programs = no, non-free typefaces 
> = yes for official use? That's what I have a problem with... But, as I 
> said, I'm [albeit slowly] learning to "live with it™".

You're not the only one with this gripe, but it's frankly a non-starter.
A proprietary font in a logo not meant for uncontrolled distribution is
very different from code that is very clearly meant for uncontrolled
distribution.  Requiring the designers to come up with completely
original fontwork for this purpose is, to my mind, much like requiring
the Fedora Websites team to come up with their own FLOSS BIOS
implementation for their Web servers because Dell doesn't publish theirs
as open-source.

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