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Re: New logo guidelines and web design elements posted

Máirín Duffy escribió:
Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
- For Windows it is not one simple download, run setup, and you're good. You also have to install the GTK+ runtime environment *first*, which just by its name is pretty intimidating for non-technical users. In fact, it might be intimidating enough to be off-putting.

I hate to disagree with you, there are GIMP packages which include GTK and install it before The GIMP as such is installed, much like GAIM packages which include the GTK runtime or not, and you download accordingly.

Can you provide a link?
Will have to look around as I'm sure there is one (a friend of mine installed this way), as I don't seem to see any at the official GIMP for Windows site, http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html

- For OS X it is even more complicated; you have to install fink or ports (for dlcompa), and you have to install X11 before you can install the GIMP. This is quite a bit of a PITA.

There are plenty of great potential art contributors out there who may not necessarily be technical enough to quickly / easily figure out how to install the GIMP on their art development platform of choice.

I guess I'm just trying to say that things could be worse - the artwork could be in a format that a FOSS program like the GIMP or inkscape couldn't even open to view. And it may not be all that easy for contributing artists to convert their stuff to open formats before submitting.

I have strong doubts of these contributor artists promoting *FOSS* tools and OSes if they *don't* use such tools... seems just completely not right for some reason... It would be like creating Apple artwork on a Windows PC (or a Sun Solaris workstation, for that matter). Not that they couldn't, but there sure are ways to produce open formats even on such closed platforms, like GIMP selfcontained packages or Inkscape self contained packages.

For vector art, I firmly believe Inkscape makes any proprietary vector artwork creation program unnecessary. For bitmap-based art though.... simple tasks take a lot longer in the GIMP. They seriously do. Volunteers only have so much time as it is...
I have no experience with other graphics tools like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, so I can't say... To me working with The GIMP is "natural". As for the vector graphics, I couldn't agree more.

If anybody would like to submit contributions in an open format but are having trouble converting their work or aren't sure where to start, feel free to send your stuff to me and I'll be happy to convert it and I'll also help you get the GIMP / whatever installed.

Maybe these should be part of the guidelines/instructions too over at the artwork wikis? Not that helping fellow users is a bad thing, but for others that may be in the same situation, a central reference can prove to be more helpful for a lot of users, as opposed to help out on an individual basis.

Sure, would you like to write it?

Sure, though I don't have a Wiki account.

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