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Re: New logo guidelines and web design elements posted

From: Gain Paolo Mureddu <gmureddu prodigy net mx>

Speaking of print... Do you have information (besides the one at their
site) when will the SVGP spec will be ratified and implemented?

Sorry, no. I expect as with any standards ratification, the timeline is not set in stone.

Are there any
programs to manipulate EPS?

First, a bit about EPS.
EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. An EPS file is actually a PostScript program, meant to be executed at print time. In practice, a given EPS file can only be edited by the program that originates it. Because each vector drawing application can create and use proprietary PostScript functions within the EPS, if an application different from the originating program tries to edit the EPS, there will be some problems translating the original PostScript functions into the proprietary functions of the application attempting to edit the EPS.

By the way, the term "proprietary" as used here does not only apply to closed source applications. For example, if the KOffice program Karbon14 used different PostScript functions from Inkscape, there might be be translation issues, even though both applications are open source. However, since both applications are open source, the developers of each application would be able to more easily work together to fix translation problems, or perhaps even collaborate on a library both programs could use to read/write EPS files.

In the graphics industry, having an EPS file not editable is considered a Good Thing in many cases. That way any logo you distribute can't easily be modified, which is highly desirable. This is why I recommend distributing native formats as well as formats that are good for distribution. In fact, it is possible to keep the native format files under stricter control, such as only having them available on request.

In answer to your question about vector drawing tools, I assume you are focussed on the Linux platform. Besides Inkscape and the previously mentioned Karbon14 ( Killustrator/Kontour ), there is a GNUStep application called Cenon. I have used Inkscape the most of those three, although nott as much as Adobe Illustrator or Aldus/Macromedia/Adobe Freehand.

I mean I know encapsulated postscript or PDF
are a better way to handle printing, but how would you adjust color (to
CMYK for instance) with those formats?

Besides hacking on the PostScript with a text editor, open the file in the originating application.

Charles Dostale
System Admin - Silver Oaks Communications
824 17th Street, Moline  IL  61265

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