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Re: New logo guidelines and web design elements posted

From: M?ir?n Duffy <duffy redhat com>

This can be handled in a way where the sub-organization's identity is
associated with the main brand, bit not integrated with the logo.

? Care to give an example or even a sketch?

Looks like it is put up or shut up for me ;)

My argument here is that the clearspace is too restrictive

Every logo usage document I have been involved with has had at least one designer think a portion was too restrictive. I am assuming that this type of "sub-logo" situation was considered when the usage guidelines were created, as some of the logo proposals included "sub-logo" ideas that were dropped.

As has been noted earlier in this thread, the Fedora Wiki mockup [1], designed by Capstrat themselves (who designed the Fedora logo), violates the clearspace set in the guidelines with the Fedora wiki logo in the upper left corner.

I personally don't see the reason why the word "WIKI" is placed so close to the logo in that sample layout. Who cares that it is a Wiki rather than some other technology ? Does the word "HTML" occur below the logo on static pages ? There are other design options and plenty of space to move the word "WIKI" somewhere else if it is important.

You keep saying that it's possible for sub-orgs to identify with the Fedora project in their logos without changing the established usage guidelines, but
you don't explain how that is possible. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I am working under a deadline right now, I will try to see if I can set aside some time to come up with a few ideas. If I was going to work on some ideas, I would like to use other examples besides putting the word 'WIKI" with the logo. Four characters is easy to squeeze in somewhere, but if you have 15 to 20 characters, or even two lines of copy to "squeeze" in, that changes many design decisions. Even the examples given earlier at <http://people.redhat.com/dfong/flogo/newHeaders.htm> seem to be one word or two short words. Other languages tend to have a greater number of characters for the same words or phrases in English. What is the term for "info feed" in German ? Should we think about designs using other character sets, like Cyrillic for one example ?

Charles Dostale

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